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Safer Cyber Spaces

Stay one step ahead of the hackers and criminals

As part of a topical news-style program on the digital world, ITN Productions is creating a short film called ‘Safer Cyber-Spaces’. The film is to include informative news pieces, interviews with industry experts and editorial profiles from a host of digital professionals. Why? Cyber security is essential in a modern world that uses digital platforms as powerful tools for connectivity, recreation and innovation. As each of us depend more on these technologies, our vulnerability to cyberattacks increases simultaneously.


Launching in September, the program has offered Kick a timely opportunity to talk about the formation of its new cyber security division – KickSecure. Speaking with ITN anchor Sue Saville, our CEO Tom O’Hara discusses all the implications of an increasingly technical world, alongside offering sought after advice on safeguarding measures to protect against the latest cyber threats. Within our dedicated segment in the film, we hope to shed light on the importance of having effective cybersecurity protection, whilst providing businesses with the insights needed to make the first steps in safeguarding their digital presence.


We’re delighted to be partnering with ITN Productions and Police Crime Preventions Initiatives on this project, Kick’s CEO Tom O’Hara said:

“We want to stay one step ahead of the hackers and criminals that are out there and create as safe an environment as we can for customers”


The content will be previewed to audiences in Birmingham at the National Cyber Security Show between 7-9 September, before being officially launched in London at the International Cyber Expo on 28/29 September.