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Azure SQL

Seamlessly migrate and manage secure, scalable SQL Server solutions in the cloud.

Azure SQL is a family of managed, secure, and intelligent products that leverage the SQL Server database engine in the Azure cloud.  

Built on the familiar SQL Server engine, Azure SQL enables seamless migration of applications, allowing you to continue using the tools, languages, and resources you’re accustomed to.  Your skills and experience transfer effortlessly to the cloud, empowering you to achieve more with what you already have.

Azure SQL empowers businesses to manage data effectively, drive digital transformation, and achieve seamless scalability and security in a complex data landscape. With Azure SQL, you can leverage the full power of SQL Server technology across on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud environments.

Azure SQL Family

Azure SQL Database
Modern Cloud Applications: Support modern cloud applications with an intelligent, managed database service that includes serverless compute. Azure SQL Database provides flexibility, scalability, and high availability for your cloud-native applications.

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Seamless Modernisation: Modernise your existing SQL Server applications at scale with a fully managed instance service. Azure SQL Managed Instance offers almost 100% feature parity with the SQL Server database engine, making it ideal for most migrations to the cloud.

SQL Server on Azure VMs
Lift-and-Shift Simplicity: Easily lift and shift your SQL Server workloads to Azure VMs while maintaining 100% SQL Server compatibility and operating system-level access. This option is perfect for migrating existing on-premises applications to the cloud without the need for rearchitecting.

Transforming Data Management in a Data-Driven World

In today’s data-driven world, managing massive amounts of data and harnessing its potential is crucial for driving digital transformation. Azure SQL addresses the complexities of modern data estates, which often span on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. Developers building intelligent and immersive applications face limitations due to incompatible platforms, inadequate data security, insufficient resources, and price-performance barriers. Azure SQL overcomes these challenges, enabling app modernisation and development.

Simplifying Your Transition to Azure

  • Azure SQL Database: Ideal for cloud-native applications, providing DBA-like functionality and reducing the need to manage the underlying operating system and database.
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance: Simplifies the migration of existing applications to Azure, enabling quick deployment of migrated database applications.
  • SQL Server on Azure VMs: Perfect for large databases or applications requiring full SQL Server feature access. This option allows you to migrate existing applications and databases to Azure as-is, saving time and budget on rearchitecting solutions.

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