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One of the most common questions we get asked by our customers is “do we need faster broadband? Or can we make do with what we have?”  And while the answer is a little different for each business, there are always a few simple things to consider.

Faster broadband is almost always preferable. If you already have superfast internet access for your business, it may be that the network cannot deliver any markedly faster speeds. In these cases, there are simple tips that you can implement on your side to help achieve optimal speeds, including ensuring that browsers are up-to-date, upgrading your router set up or reorganising your setup to reduce interference and even stopping background applications from using up precious bandwidth. These tips can be used to make a noticeable impact on connection speeds whilst working.

If these recommendations don’t yield much improvement, this could be the result of inadequate internet speeds and seeking a faster alternative is unquestionably a smart idea. The requirement for high-speed broadband is becoming widespread among almost every sort of business as more and more services migrate to the cloud. Even a garage has to keep track of inventory and update customer records. A printing company, on the other hand, needs to place orders. Luckily, super-fast fibre speeds are becoming increasingly more available across the UK and we are at hand to source a solution fit for your business.

So, while broadband speeds can vary, the continual need for faster broadband isn't something that is going away.  Kick ICT aims to provide you with the best and fastest broadband that your physical infrastructure can provide so that all of the services you use on the internet can run at their optimal capacity. Alternatively, our expert teams are well experienced in delivering premise infrastructure upgrades to allow your workplace to reach its broadband potential.

If you want to see if there's more that can be done with your broadband speeds, contact our experts today for a chat and a no-obligation quote. We’re here to help.

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