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Our 2021 Annual Report is now available to view

As we approach the end of August, it’s been another busy month here at Kick. As always, we’re sharing some useful resources and tech news that could benefit your business.

If you missed our webinar on the withdrawal of the PSTN network, you can access this here to hear all about how the network migration may impact your business.

Kick ICT Group made its 6th and 7th acquisition earlier this month, securing the Turnkey Business Software & Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions businesses from The Turnkey Group. We’re thrilled to welcome on board our new colleagues and clients and look forward to an exciting future together. You can read more about these acquisitions on our website.


60 Second Takeaways

  1. As part of a major Microsoft service upgrade, server connectivity for many older versions of Outlook will soon cease to function. Use the table in our blog to find out if your applications will be affected.
  2. Take a look at our recently created features guide for Microsoft’s Business Premium, complete with enhanced security capabilities, and discover if it is the right choice for your company.
  3. We’ve also created features guide for Infor SunSystems 6.4, highlighting the challenges and limitations of typical finance applications and how Infor can work to improve your business’ operations.


Your feedback counts

At Kick, we’re proud to work with the best. Here are some of the latest comments our experts have received from our customers over the past month. We’re proud to maintain our average 4.9/5 customer rating from over 2500 reviews.


“John went above and beyond to help and ensured that the problem was fully resolved” Euan at Saxet Technologies

“Kick foreseen a problem and solved it before it escalated” Andy at Taylor Bowls

“Scott was very helpful in explaining the problem and supporting me to rectify it in the future if it happens again. Great quick response” Sophie at Health in Mind


Did you know?

You may have seen a film crew at our offices on our social media channels recently, we’d like to reveal that Kick are featuring in an upcoming program on the digital world called ‘Safer Cyber Spaces’, in partnership with ITN Productions and Police Crime Preventions Initiatives. During our segment, our CEO Tom discusses all things cyber and threat prevention with reporter Sue Saville. Keep an eye out on our LinkedIn and Twitter to be the first to see some clips.


Thanks for reading our latest Kickabout,

The Kick Team

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